Contact tracing with comprehensive analytics

Coyodel optimizes your business' infectious disease response and testing strategy with automatic contact tracing and intelligent analytics

Keep track of contacts between your employees

Coyodel Contact Tracing Tags worn by your employees automatically keep track of who they have been in close contact with, and how risky each interaction was. Contact data is wirelessly transmitted to base stations at entry/exit points of your building.

Immediately contain threats when they arise

An employee showing symptoms or testing positive for an infectious disease like COVID-19 puts your business at risk. Coyodel uses advanced algorithms to automatically analyze the affected employee's network of contacts, and generates prioritized recommendations for which employees should be isolated and tested.

    Test only those who need it

    Testing is expensive for you and uncomfortable for your employees. Coyodel pinpoints at risk employees so you can intelligently focus your testing efforts, saving you money at the time you need it the most.


    Coyodel has been engineered from the ground up to be highly scalable and rapidly deployable, while remaining cost-effective.

    Advanced tag hardware

    Coyodel tags accurately record contact events between your employees using calibrated transmissions and proprietary ranging algorithms. Set them and forget them, thanks to industry leading battery life and always-on technology that ensures no contacts are ever missed.

    • Up to two years of battery life
    • Dust and waterproof (IP67 rated)
    • ID card sized
    • End-to-end encrypted communications
    • Rapid commissioning via phone app
    • Always on while worn
    • Instant visual verification of employee compliance

    Minimal infrastructure

    Coyodel uses a small number of rapidly deployable base stations at entry/exit points, or in common areas of your building to collect contact data from Coyodel Contact Tracing Tags. This data is sent back to the Coyodel Server for storage and analysis.

    Base Station Features
    • WiFi and ethernet connectivity
    • Optional Power over Ethernet (POE)
    • Optional LTE connectivity
    • End-to-end encrypted communications
    • Optional rugged enclosure for harsh environments
    Server Features
    • Cloud hosted or on-premise installation
    • Scalable database backend
    • End-to-end encrypted communications

    Intuitive web portal with powerful analytic capabilities

    Know who is at risk with one click

    Coyodel uses advanced disease spread models to simulate disease propagation across contact networks, so you can contain threats before they arise.

    Everything at a glance

    Instantly see important statistics about contact events, testing, employee health reports, and system status so you can keep things running smoothly.

    Easily record and manage test results

    Keep track of infectious disease test results and symptom reports of your employees. Coyodel automatically recommends any further testing that should be conducted based on intelligent analysis of all available data.

    Keep your employee's data safe

    Employee privacy is a top priority. Coyodel automatically logs any interactions with its web portal, allowing you to easily keep track of all login activity and search history.

    Flexible reporting options

    Coyodel's analytics engine processes medical testing results as well as daily employee health reports to immediately identify threats. Medical test results are entered by administrators in the Coyodel Web Portal, while daily health reports can be directly submitted by employees via mobile web-app or text messaging interfaces.

    Privacy that fits your needs

    You decide which information about your employees may be stored, and Coyodel provides state-of-the-art encryption techniques to ensure that only trusted entities have access to it.


    Coyodel is highly customizable to fit your needs in terms of features and price.
    Demo Kit
    Introductory Pricing
    • 10 Coyodel Tracing Tags
    • Coyodel  Base Station
      (base model with PoE power)
    • 3 month Coyodel Server license
      (10 users, cloud-based)
    • Mobile health reporting
    • Comissioning app
    • 3 months phone and email support
    • Free shipping within the USA
    Custom System
    • Tailored to your needs
    • Volume discounts available
    • Discounts for educational
      institutions available
    Included with all custom orders:
    • 1 year Coyodel Server license
      (unlimited users, cloud-based)
    • Commissioning app
    • 1 year phone and email support
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    Coyodel is highly customizable to fit your needs in terms of features and price. Contact us or schedule a demo to learn more!
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